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Get to know your NAFGPD Board. 


Jeanine Nemitz, President


Project Location:  Fort Dodge, Iowa. Jeanine has directed a small RSVP project previously. She became involved with FGP as an Advisory Council member prior to joining the staff. Click here to email Jeanine.

Suesan Harrington
Suesan Harrington, Vice President


Project Location: Manhattan, Kansas. Suesan's program covers four counties including Fort Riley Army Base. 75-85% of the children served by her grandparents are military children. Click here to email Suesan.

Shaunda Noah, Secretary


Project Location: Wilburton, Oklahoma. A large percentage of her volunteers are Native American who assist other native children in the classroom with reading and literacy. Click here to email Shaunda.

Tina Brown, Treasurer


Project Location: Redding CA. Tina manages all three Senior Corps programs. Her expertise involves event planning, community relations and building partnerships. Click here to email Tina.

Lisa Jenkins, Atlantic Cluster Representative


Project Location: Camp Springs, Maryland. Lisa manages a project adjacent to Washington, D.C. Her grandparents focus on education along with teenage unwed mothers and their children. Click here to email Lisa.

Rebecca Maletto-Cornell, Atlantic Cluster Representative


Project Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Rebecca states that she is  grateful to learn and serve with others from across the country to help continue to make our program be the best it can be.  Click here to email Rebecca.

Stacy Friesland, Southern Cluster Representative


Project Location: Asheville, North Carolina. Stacy's project encompasses the majestic mountains of western North Carolina. Previously, she was a station supervisor for the Senior Companion Program. Click here to email Stacy.

Sonja Workman, North Central 
Cluster Representative


Project Location: Beatrice, Nebraska. Sonja states that she loves being part of a board who are passionate about FGP and understands the impact on communities across the country. Click here to email Sonja. 

Deisha Finley,
Southern Cluster Representative


Project Location: Knoxville, Tennessee. Deisha manages all three Senior Corps programs. Her projects showcase how older adults are an effective solution to help meet local community needs. Click here to email Deisha. 

Lori Johnson, North Central Cluster Representative


Project location: Greenville, Michigan. Lori is passionate about networking to provide resources. If she knows of something, someone, somewhere that can help someone, she will let them know. Click here to email Lori.

Priscilla Mantilla, Southwest Cluster Representative


Project Location: New Orleans, Louisiana. Priscilla finds the Foster Grandparent Program fits with her desire to help others. Priscilla finds that she is surprising good at listening to others and keeping in touch with them. Click here to email Priscilla.

Van Johnson,
Southwest Cluster Representative


Project Location: Houma, Louisiana. Click here to email Van.

Alesia Ross, Southern Cluster Alternate


Project Location: Pensacola, Florida. Alesia manages both a Foster Grandparent Program and Senior Companion Program. She is passionate about ensuring those who still have “giving” in their blood are able to do so.  Click here to email Alesia.

Josie Fliger, Southern Cluster Alternate


Project Location: Tallahassee, Florida. Josie manages all three Senior Corps programs. She is passionate about helping seniors stay active and engaged while dispelling myths about aging. Click here to email Josie.

Debby Shuck, North Central Cluster Alternate


Project Location: Hastings, Nebraska. Debby manages RSVP in addition to the FGP. She finds fulfillment in assisting our Senior Corps
volunteers find purpose in their everyday lives. Click here to email Debby.

Cresha Reid, Southern Cluster Correspondent


Project Location: Wilton Manors, Florida. Cresha has managed Foster Grandparent Programs in Michigan and Florida. She is  most passionate about assisting others get through needs met by connecting them with community resources.   Click here to email Cresha.

Barb Brady, Pacific Cluster Correspondent


Project Location: Billings, Montana. Barb states that she is surprisingly good at retiring people and has even gotten thank you notes from those she has had to retire. Click here to email Barb.

Donna Campi, Pacific Cluster Correspondent


Project Location: San Mateo County, California. Donna states that she has had success keeping new volunteers engaged throughout the lengthy on-boarding process. Click here to email Donna.

Kathie Larson, Southern Cluster Correspondent

Project Location: Fayetteville, Tennessee. Kathie is happy to be associated with this program and very proud of the work done by FGP. She believes in the mission of Senior Corps and is enjoying the network of professionals here at NAFGPD! Together we are better! Click here to email Kathie.

Laura Morgan-Kessler, Washington D.C. Advocate


Location: Washington, D.C. Since 2015, Laura Morgan-Kessler has served as the federal advocate for the National Association of Foster Grandparent Program Directors.  She is a strong believer in the role for NAFGPD and its members to education Members of Congress on the impact and importance of the Foster Grandparent Program in local communities. 

She provides NAFGPD with timely and strategic intelligence on Congressional and federal agency actions and helps develop and implement federal advocacy strategies to accomplish NAFGPD’s federal goals.  She maintains strong working relationships with Members of Congress and their staff, as well as the Corporation for National and Community Service. 


Laura has been a federal advocate in Washington, D.C. for over eleven years.  Prior to that, she spent time on Capitol Hill as a legislative staffer for California’s senior Senator Dianne Feinstein.  A native of Southern California, Laura received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Wake Forest University.