NAFGPD Response To The Proposed Federal Regulations 

Background:  On February 12, 2018 changes to the Federal Regulations governing Foster Grandparent Programs were published with an invitation to submit feedback with a deadline of April 16, 2018.  On February 26, 2018 the NAFGPD Board met to go through the proposed regulations line by line in order to prepare a formal response.


While the Board was generally supportive of the regulations as proposed, a list of comments, questions and clarifications was compiled.  That document will be sent to CNCS; and the content is provided here for all members to review:

Click here to review the NAFGPD Comments on the Proposed Regulations

The NAFGPD Board strongly encouraged our members and others to review the regulations and formulate their own responses. 

Click here to monitor the status of the Proposed Rules


We are very happy to note that many of the hurdles that FGP Directors have been talking about for many years are being addressed in these regulations; and it is particularly notable that NAFGPD was formed in 1971 for the purpose of bringing attention to the problems associated with program management.  We are proud of the accomplishments of former Board members and we pledge to continue the fight for our programs!

 Click here for the NAFGPD Comments regarding the Transformation and Sustainability Plan


In June, the Corporation for National and Community Service posted a notice in the Federal Register ( formally asking for comments on the agency’s proposed Transformation and Sustainability Plan. NAFGPD has drafted and submitted comments for the record.  Above you will find a link to the copy of what NAFGPD has submitted for the record.


To date, the number of responses on the record has been underwhelming. NAFGPD was informed that the number of responses and the diversity of comments matter. NUMBERS matter!! 


If you, a co-worker, a supervisor, an advisory council member, a sponsor rep, would ALL send a response, that would be amazing! Your response does not need to be individualized but if you would choose to add an individualized response, that would provide some diversity. Your choice - draft your own response or simply copy and paste the attached NAFGPD response. Either way works - just do it!! NUMBERS matter!!


You may submit written comments here -


The deadline for submitting comments is August 24th.    


We will not get another chance to speak out on this plan so let's not lose this opportunity to comment!